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Will my prenup benefit my divorce procedure?

Many people sign prenuptial agreements when they are blissfully in love and with a conviction that they will never have to go through a divorce. They may not think in detail about how signing the documents could affect their future. All prenuptial agreements are tailored to the specific financial circumstances and preferences of the couple. Whether you will be set to benefit from the terms of your prenuptial will depend heavily on the situation.

However, before assuming that a prenuptial agreement will lead to an unfair distribution of assets, consider the ways that it could make the divorce process less expensive and less stressful, paving the way for a more positive outcome overall.

Prenuptial agreements lead to a less costly divorce

If the prenuptial agreement dictates exactly how assets will be divided and neither spouse wants to contest the validity of the agreement, assets can be divided with minimal intervention. This will decrease legal costs, save time and ensure that the process is smooth.

The divorce will be finalized more quickly

Due to the bypassing of a need for the courts to determine asset distribution, the divorce may be finalized more quickly. Other issues may also be addressed in the prenuptial agreement, such as pet custody or alimony, and this may also decrease the need for divorce litigation.

You can avoid arguments about assets with your ex

The fewer disputes in a divorce, the less likely you are to face arguments with your ex. This means that you will be able to work on having a positive mindset and moving forward from the relationship.

You can focus on the important things

While asset division in divorce is crucial for securing your future, you will likely want to spend your time focusing on more important and rewarding things such as your children. Children can often be negatively affected by their parents’ divorce, so you must be present and communicate well with them.

If you are considering whether to contest your prenuptial agreement when filing for divorce, it is important that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing this. If you were forced or coerced into signing the agreement, it may not be valid.