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Reasons why you shouldn’t delay a divorce

Taking action to file a divorce can be a difficult thing to commit to. When you know that taking an action such as this will not only affect your own life but the lives of your children, you may start overthinking about what choice is best. It’s impossible to predict exactly how your life will change after divorce, therefore you may start to think about worst-case scenarios that prevent you from moving forward and taking the plunge.

Overthinking in any scenario prevents progress. If you know that your marriage is not going to improve but you are fearful about taking action to file for divorce, the following are some reasons why it’s best not to delay such a decision.

You and your spouse are likely to grow further apart

If you take action now, it may be possible to go through an amicable divorce whereby you and your divorcing spouse can agree on most of the key issues. However, if you allow the marriage to deteriorate further, anger and resentment may grow between you. This could lead to a more toxic, stressful and expensive divorce process in the future.

Your child might suffer

If you and your spouse are already estranged, you may be getting into arguments regularly. When children witness toxic relationships, they can be impacted emotionally, especially when the people in the toxic relationship is their parents. It is better for two parents to be separated and happy than to be together and co-creating a toxic environment for their children.

You are delaying your own happiness

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Divorce is often a long process, but many find that they have a new zest for life when the entire process is over. If you have lost your own sense of freedom and identity to the marriage, you may find that by taking action you will embark on a new journey of self-discovery. By not taking action due to fear, you could be denying yourself true happiness and fulfillment.

Making the choice to file for divorce is a scary decision. But if you know that your marriage cannot be reconciled, you should put a strategy in place and take action to begin the journey.