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Financial abuse during the end of a marriage

Divorce brings many different problems into the lives of those splitting up with a spouse, whether you are having a hard time due to negative emotions or you are facing challenges in your professional life. However, some people have a particularly hard time because of their ex financially abusing them.

Financial abuse takes different forms, whether someone steals funds from an account or lies about a false investment or some other nonexistent opportunity. Sadly, this mistreatment makes life even harder for those who are already struggling through a difficult divorce.

Recognizing financial abuse

According to the Office on Women’s Health, financial abuse involves an abuser controlling finances in order to retain control in a relationship or keep their partner from having the ability to leave. Not only is financial abuse emotionally devastating in many instances, but it often interferes with various aspects of a victim’s daily life. Sometimes, financial abuse occurs alongside other forms of abuse, such as verbal or physical abuse.

Recognizing your options

If you are struggling as a result of financial abuse, you need to have a solid understanding of your legal options. Do not remain silent and allow the mistreatment to continue. Rather, make sure you have a solid understanding of ways to stop the abuse (such as changing passwords on your accounts and removing your ex from your credit card) and consider the possibility of holding them accountable in court. Regrettably, many hard-working and honest people suffer during and after their divorce in terms of financial abuse, and when this mistreatment violates the law they need to take action.