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Getting divorced when your spouse refuses to cooperate

Sometimes, bringing a marriage to an end is relatively easy and each party is on the same page. On the other hand, some divorces are very contentious, especially when one spouse refuses to cooperate. Sometimes, a husband or wife is very upset with their partner’s decision to end the marriage and they do everything in their power to prevent the divorce from moving forward, while others are very hostile because of an affair or some other issue.

In 2018, 782,038 married couples got divorced and every couple is in a unique position. If you are trying to move on from a toxic marriage and your spouse is not cooperating, you need to go over your legal rights and strategies to secure a favorable outcome with respect to your divorce.

Finding helpful resources and moving forward with a divorce

There are many different resources available to those ending their marriage. For example, you could benefit from speaking with a counselor as well as friends and family members. The internet offers a plethora of information on divorce, but make sure the sources are reliable and the information applies to the laws in your state. Everyone is in a unique position and some people, such as victims of domestic violence, are able to find additional support through programs and resources that are available.

Finding common ground with your ex during divorce

Even if your spouse is refusing to cooperate, there is always the possibility that they will change their attitude and behavior. It is very helpful if you are able to find common ground with your ex and work together to bring your marriage to a close. Obviously, this is not always an option or a smart idea, but when each party can work together this is usually very beneficial (especially with respect to kids and financial matters).