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In what ways do TBIs affect victims?

After suffering from a severe head injury, you are likely to suffer from some level of brain trauma as well. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) unfortunately have a way of affecting your health on multiple levels.

But how exactly do these injuries really impact you? What should you be on the lookout for as you heal from your incident?


Mayo Clinic discusses the multi-layered impact that traumatic brain injuries have. They can affect you on a behavioral, mental and physical level. For behavioral issues, many victims suffer from decreased inhibition, increased agitation and a lower ability to process stress and manage emotions. This issue worsens depending on the area of the brain that suffered injury. It is also one of the most disturbing for loved ones, especially if you lash out at them.


On a mental level, you may find yourself suffering from memory issues and confusion. Short term memory loss in particular is common for TBI sufferers. The degree varies. It may be a small nuisance, or it could have a huge impact on your ability to function day to day. Many victims find this the hardest part to deal with.


Physically, it is not unusual for TBI victims to suffer from extensive head and neck pain. Migraine sufferers may find their headaches worsening. Meanwhile, people without a history of migraines might suddenly develop them. You may also experience trouble with vision, including blurriness or spots.

It is hard to predict when or how these symptoms will clear up. The situation is different for every TBI sufferer. Because of this, many victims seek financial compensation. This can help you through the recovery process, however long or short it is.



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