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An overview of Senate Bill 3124

In the beginning months of each new year, the governor often signs bills into law or previously signed bills go into effect. One such recent bill is Senate Bill 3124.

According to NJ Spotlight News, this bill helps renters, giving them more time to pay overdue rent and save themselves from eviction.

More time

Once a tenant receives an eviction notice, the wheels of justice start turning. When the court makes a ruling, it often means immediate eviction. The landlord can change the locks and put the renter’s personal items out of the unit.

With the signing of bill 3124, the law now says that once the court makes a ruling and issues a warrant to remove them from the premises, the tenant has three days to pay the rent he or she owes and maintain rights to the property.

Additional measures

The New Jersey Legislature explains this bill also requires landlords to accept any payments made during the three-day period, regardless of how a tenant makes them or where they come from. This includes payments made on behalf of the tenant by assistance organizations.

In addition, the bill limits collection on expenses of a landlord to evict a tenant. A landlord can only request up to 30% of his or her expenses and attorney fees related to the matter. This is regardless of whether the lease states otherwise.

The bill seeks to help tenants, especially those in a vulnerable position where they have been unable to pay rent. It allows them to maintain their home and become current prior to a forceful removal in the course of an eviction.



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