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What treatment options are available for paralysis?

If an accident led to your paralysis, you may feel like you suffer from the worst luck. Paralysis is life-changing. According to Medical News Today, paralysis affects your physical health, your quality of life and independence.

If you were paralyzed in an accident, how can your medical team treat you? Fortunately, there are ways for you to gain some of your agency back.

What can treatment do for accident victims with paralysis?

Doctors cannot cure paralysis, but they can do their best to ease the symptoms and help you regain your quality of life. Physicians will use treatment to reduce the impact of your injury and the effects of damage to the central nervous system. One of the major effects of paralysis has its ability to decrease your mobility. Treatment helps you find adaptive aids and other exercises to help increase your mobility. If you no longer can work in your previous field, treatment may help you return to work in some capacity.

What types of treatment are available for accident victims?

There are several types of treatment options available. Your specific treatment plan depends on the extent of your paralysis and the injury you suffered. Many people with paralysis undergo surgery to treat central nervous system damage. Doctors may have to ease the swelling around your brain or spinal cord, seal fractured vertebrae.

In addition to surgery, you may require different medications. A physician may prescribe corticosteroids, blood thinners or antibiotics.

Those who have paraplegia or quadriplegia may require rehabilitation. Rehabilitation focuses on regaining strength and function through exercise. If your paralysis affects your speech, you may also need speech therapy.


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