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Fatigue and commercial motor vehicle accidents

On the road, you could become involved in a commercial motor vehicle accident for a number of reasons. Whether a drunk driver collides with you or a commercial motor vehicle driver distracted by their phone hits you, the consequences of a commercial motor vehicle accident could derail your life. Furthermore, some of these accidents take place as a result of driver fatigue.

Some commercial vehicles are very large, which increases the likelihood of a crash causing serious injuries.

Causes of commercial motor vehicle driver fatigue

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration goes over some of the reasons why commercial motor vehicle drivers become fatigued. Whether a commercial motor vehicle driver stays behind the wheel too long or they fail to get enough sleep before taking to the road, those operating commercial vehicles such as large trucks and buses have a responsibility to avoid driving when they become too drowsy to safely operate a vehicle.

Aside from poor sleep and excessive work hours, commercial motor vehicle drivers can also deal with drowsiness because of certain medications and even a poor diet.

Statistics on fatigue and commercial motor vehicle crashes

The FMCSA references a study that reviewed commercial motor vehicle accidents and found that 13% of commercial motor vehicle drivers struggled with fatigue when the accident took place. Another study determined that 17% of commercial motor vehicle drivers involved in accidents had over-the-counter medication in their system. Moreover, the research found that the effect of staying awake for 18 hours is similar to having a BAC level of .08.

If you are experiencing hardships in the wake of a commercial motor vehicle crash, take a close look at the details of the accident and your options with regard to recovery.


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