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Can a slip-and-fall accident trigger an asthma flare-up?

If you have had an asthma diagnosis for more than a couple of years, you undoubtedly know what triggers you need to avoid. Indeed, staying away from smoke, fragrances, dust and other irritants is an effective way to keep breathing freely.

Even if you steer clear of your known asthma triggers, you may not be able to avoid stress. Sadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acute stress is an asthma trigger for many who have the condition.

Slip-and-fall accidents are stressful

No one wants to look foolish or clumsy in public. Even if you do nothing wrong, you may feel some embarrassment after slipping, tripping or falling at a store or restaurant. If so, losing your footing is likely to be stressful.

Asthma attacks are serious

While you may have had at least one asthma flare-up in your life, you should not treat an attack cavalierly. After all, because an asthma attack restricts your airways, a flare-up has the potential to cause catastrophic complications. You even can die during a serious asthma attack.

You need emergency care

If you have your rescue inhaler with you when you suffer a stress-induced asthma attack, it may temporarily save your life. Your rescue inhaler does not take the place of professional medical care, however. That is, doctors have access to treatment options that are far superior to your carry-along inhaler.

It is perfectly normal to worry about paying for critical care after a slip-and-fall accident. Ultimately, though, because you may be eligible for significant financial compensation, you should not let your fear of mounting medical bills keep you from securing the pulmonary care you need to recover completely.


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