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Is your newborn baby’s injury a result of medical negligence?

Medical negligence in childbirth occurs when nurses or doctors do not perform their jobs as required.

While not all injuries result from medical negligence, parents should know what situations may justify a closer look.

Skull fractures

Hasty or inattentive doctors and nurses may not prepare for handling a slippery baby with the appropriate gear. As a result, infants may get dropped after birth. This traumatic event can cause brain bleeds and skull fractures. While most should heal over time, some infants experience seizures, brain swelling and irritability.


Babies do not always move through the birth canal easily. During difficult deliveries, doctors might use equipment to maneuver the baby. If doctors do not use the equipment as they should, the delicate blood vessels in the babies’ brains can rupture, resulting in cephalohematomas. The large pool of blood in the head may cause anemia, septic infection and jaundice.

Spinal damage

Large babies, breech presentation, and prematurity are situations where doctors must take extra precautions to protect babies’ spinal cords. Excessive pulling or twisting to remove a stuck baby can cause damage to vertebrates in the spine and neck. Such damage may leave children with muscle weakness, breathing problems, and paralysis.

Arm injuries

Damage to the brachial palsy, a gathering of nerves in the arms and hands, can result from tight deliveries. When babies’ shoulders get stuck in the birth canal, doctors’ improper movements or intense pulling may damage these nerves. Babies might have difficulty moving their arms and could suffer permanent damage.

Knowing what impairments may be a result of medical negligence allows parents of injured infants to investigate the problems and have the opportunity to recover financial damages to support the long-term care of their children.


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