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Statistics show the devastating impact of older adult falls

As an older adult, you might face many different risks that could lead to serious injury, from motor vehicle accidents to dangerous side effects associated with certain medications. However, it is especially important to understand the fall-related hazards that you could encounter and take steps to stay safe.

You should also take a look at data on falls involving older adults. This can help you understand how widespread these accidents are as well as the impact of falls.

Data on falls among older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that among those 65 and older, three million people visited emergency departments due to falling down in 2019. Moreover, falls accounted for more deaths than any other type of injury among people in this age group. Throughout 2019, falls led to the loss of more than 34,000 older adults’ lives. Furthermore, the CDC reports that falls involving older adults generate $50 billion worth of medical costs each year.

Taking action after a fall as an older adult

If you recently fell down, you could have serious hardships. Whether you cannot continue living independently or you struggle with high levels of pain and medical costs, these accidents can cause a wide range of problems.

If you currently face these challenges, you should do everything in your power to stand up for your rights if another party’s negligence contributed to the accident. For example, if someone failed to address a hazard on property they own or if a business owner did not attend to a leaky pipe, they should answer for the consequences of a fall-related accident.


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