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Financial issues to think about during a divorce

Those who are going through a divorce in New Jersey may be stressed about how it will impact their finances. However, taking some time to understand the financial impact of a divorce before it happens can help ease a person's mind. The first step is to take an inventory of all financial assets that a person could have accumulated during a marriage. These assets could include a bank account, retirement account or stocks.

Financial security during and after a divorce

When spouses in New Jersey get divorced, they need to be careful about their finances. It's good to start by creating a budget. This can be a temporary plan that's just for the next few months. As one settles into their new life and gets a realistic sense of their expenses, they can adjust everything for the longer term.

How parents can help children handle a divorce

Parents in New Jersey may find it difficult to process their emotions during a divorce. However, it can be just as difficult for children to process what is happening when their mothers and fathers are no longer together. Ideally, parents will encourage their children to talk to them about their feelings and to ask any questions that they may have. If a question asks for too much information, a parent can feel free to not answer or to answer in general terms.

Wedding debt may be linked to divorce

When people in New Jersey plan their weddings, they may not think about how to avoid divorce later down the line. However, it can be important for people to think about how to protect their marriage, even through the decisions that they make about their weddings. According to one study, around 45% of newly married couples went into debt to pay all of the costs associated with their weddings. However, this debt has led to further problems. Almost 50% of the study participants said that they considered divorce due to their debt.

How separate bank accounts are handled in a divorce

Opening a joint bank account was once something couples in New Jersey and around the country did as a matter of course soon after getting married, but a recent Bank of America survey reveals that almost one in three married Millennials are choosing instead to keep their money in separate accounts. Millennials may believe that doing this will protect their assets should they decide to divorce, but that is not necessarily true.

Effects of divorce on small business owners

Divorce may carry unique considerations for New Jersey business owners. This is especially true for entrepreneurs with small, closely held firms. In many cases, this type of business is both the largest marital asset and the greatest source of income for both families. Of course, the financial effects of divorce can significantly outweigh other changes that come with the end of a marriage. However, business owners may have specific concerns about the future viability of the company and how the firm will be handled.

Retirement, Social Security benefits and divorce

A divorce will not always affect a New Jersey spouse's Social Security benefits. If the marriage lasted more than 10 years, the individual might be eligible to draw on the former spouse's Social Security earnings at or near retirement. To collect, it is necessary to remain unmarried and to have a smaller benefit than that of the ex-spouse.

Deciding between mortgage assumption or refinancing in a divorce

New Jersey couples who are divorcing and who decide that one will get the home have three basic options for dealing with the mortgage. One of them, keeping the joint mortgage, may mean less paperwork, but it leaves the person who did not keep the home in a vulnerable position if the other person misses a mortgage payment. This could have a serious impact on the credit of both people.

Spouses get creative when hiding money during divorces

Divorces frequently begin for many reasons, but money and property will become the central focus of settlement negotiations by the end of the process. People in New Jersey might go to extreme lengths to hide money when their marriages end. Their activities to shift money away from spouses might begin years before the actual divorce filings. The desire to reduce alimony payments, child support or other distributions to an ex-spouse motivate these attempts to make income and assets appear low on paper.

How to make the holidays easier after a divorce

Divorced and separated parents in New Jersey and throughout the country may face extra amounts of stress this holiday season. This is because they need to figure out how to create a schedule that allows each parent to see the kids in an equitable manner. Even those who have been divorced for many months or years may struggle to come up with an ideal schedule.

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