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Strategies to make it easier to sell a home

Homes in New Jersey don’t always sell immediately after they are put on the market. Reasons such as a lack of curb appeal or an unkept interior could lead to major delays. Homeowners should take steps such as mowing the lawn or planting new grass to make the exterior look its best.

Sprucing up the inside of a home can be as easy as putting in new carpet or a new coat of paint on a cabinet. Even if a home looks great, a buyer may balk at paying the full list price. Homeowners tend to create a list price based on what they want to sell their homes for as opposed to what it is worth. Ideally, a seller will partner with an agent to determine an appropriate listing price.

A real estate agent will likely have access to recent sales data, which can form the basis for how much an individual’s home is worth. Buyers may also be swayed to purchase a home if they are given financial incentives to do so. For example, a seller could choose to pay a portion of a buyer’s closing costs to make the transaction less expensive. Closing costs could include lender fees, attorney fees and property taxes owed for the rest of the year.

Those who are looking to sell their homes as quickly as possible may want to enlist the services of a real estate attorney. Legal counsel could ensure that the home has been properly represented to a buyer and that the current owner has the ability to sell it. An attorney may also help with property line or other issues that could arise during the home sale process.



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