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What Is Domestic Violence?

People are often unclear about what domestic violence is because they may assume it only applies between spouses or other romantic relationships. However, that is not the case.

The New Jersey Domestic Violence Act explains that domestic abuse can happen between anyone who is living together such as significant others, relatives or even a brother and a sister. This relationship can be at present, or in the past. The court does not factor in the gender of the people involved in domestic violence.

The act further explains how state courts will handle these simple assault charges when they are brought. Simple assault charges can be brought against someone for punching or slapping someone else. Domestic violence can also involve other forms of physical harm and abuse.

Domestic Violence Overlap In Family Law And Criminal Law

Incidents of domestic violence can result in having to go to family court and then to criminal court. Domestic violence charges commonly result in two separate charges to be resolved. The complex crossover in these cases between family law and criminal charges is frequently confusing.

The first charge is for a restraining order and the parties will need to go to family court. The second charge is the assault charge. Depending on the degree of the accusation, the parties will need to appear in criminal court.

If you are a defendant facing domestic violence charges, your lawyer will want to know if you can name witnesses who were there at the time of the alleged incidents. Do you have any history of violence? Do you own a gun?

If you are the victim, your attorney will also want to know if you can provide names of witnesses. Additionally, are you able to provide photos of your injuries and property damage, medical records and other proof to build your case?

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