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Civil litigation is rarely anyone’s first choice of a way to resolve a dispute. No matter whether you are facing a legal problem in your business or personal life, you would most likely prefer to resolve it through negotiations. When rational discussions fail, mediation or arbitration may bring about a just outcome without the spectacle of a public trial. But if a case must go to court, you need a devoted advocate on your side.

At Law Offices of Peter G. Aziz & Associates LLC, you have access to a proven-effective civil litigation attorney. Our lawyers have helped many clients overcome challenges such as unfulfilled contracts and boundary disputes with neighboring property owners. We will take on any civil litigation matter with a determination to protect your interests.

Types Of Disputes We Help Clients Resolve

Our civil litigation practice encompasses legal issues, including the following:

  • Complex commercial litigation involving suppliers, customers, service providers and delivery services
  • Business litigation such as partnership and shareholder disputes, dissolutions and other business-specific controversies
  • Construction litigation involving contractors, subcontractors, property owners, developers and materials manufacturers
  • Estate litigation, including breach of fiduciary duty claims, will contests and disputes over debts and other complications
  • Partition actions,  and other real estate-related conflicts

Depending on your goals and the facts of the case, when we represent you, we may help you collect payments, enforce specific performance of contracts or arrive at other acceptable resolutions. The descriptions above are illustrative only and do not necessarily list all types of civil disputes for which our clients need representation.

What Happens If A Buyer Breaches The Contract?

New Jersey courts provide remedies if a buyer breaches their contract, allowing the seller to bring a suit for money damages. While this appears a simple enough solution, the seller does have a duty to mitigate damages by relisting the home and selling to another party. The damages the seller could receive though such a lawsuit include:

  • Carry costs from the closing date through the date of the actual sale of the home
  • The difference in price in the event the seller is put in a situation where the home sells for less than agreed upon in the contract price

Our lawyers can explain what to expect should you bring such a suit. We will help you understand this approach’s costs and potential benefits.

What Would Happen If The Seller Refused To Sell You The Home?

Should the seller refuse to honor the contract and not sell you the home, the remedy of specific performance may be available. Provided you, as the buyer, did not breach the contract, we can file a specific performance suit in Chancery Court, forcing the seller to honor the contract and sell you the home.

Our attorneys will guide you through the process and strive to make you whole.

Discuss Your Goals And Expectations With One Of Our Civil Litigators

Deciding how to pursue a just outcome requires balancing the risks and potential advantages of any chosen course of action. Unpredictability in litigation can result in escalating legal costs that could outweigh any benefits. For these reasons, we often counsel clients in the direction of less risky methods, such as mediation. But when a litigation matter must go before a judge or jury, preparation is the key. We start every case with the assumption that it might go to trial, and gather strong evidence and devise legal arguments accordingly.

To schedule a consultation about your legal dispute and potential resolution methods, call 973-869-5765 or email us.