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Alleged DUI drivers charged with vehicular homicide

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries many perils, including causing a serious accident, losing driving privileges and facing serious criminal charges if someone is injured in an accident. Two men from northern New Jersey were recently charged with a number of alcohol-related felonies involving the death of a young woman from Milltown.

The accident occurred at about 4:11 a.m. on May 24 near the Walmart store on Route 1. One of the defendants is alleged to have been driving a Lincoln sedan southbound on Route 1 when he struck a vehicle being driven by a teenaged woman from Milltown. Another of the defendants is alleged to have first struck the Lincoln and then the vehicle driven by the teenager. The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene.

The two male drivers were arrested a few days after the accident while one was in North Brunswick and the other in Newark. They were taken to the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center pending hearings on their continued detention. Both men were charged with strict liability vehicle homicide, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and causing the death of another. If convicted, the two men will face extended detention, loss of driving privileges and a significant fine.

Anyone facing similar charges, including the two defendants in this case, are entitled to be presumed innocent unless and until they have been proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide significant assistance. The lawyer can provide a helpful analysis of the evidence and suggest potential defense strategies. Moreover, a capable lawyer can, if appropriate, assist in the negotiation of a favorable plea agreement.



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