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3 questions for franchisees to consider

One option for opening a business is to start a franchise. Part of opening a franchise is entering into a franchise contract. If you’re in this position, you have to ensure that you’re working with the franchise that will help you meet your business goals. 

There are several points to consider when you’re considering franchises. Considering these questions is a good starting point to help you decide if a specific franchise is a good fit for you.

1. How much support will the franchisor provide?

Different franchisors will provide different levels of support. The more supportive a franchisor is, the more likely the franchise will succeed. Some areas of support include training for employees and marketing. 

2. What financial responsibility do you have?

The financial agreement is a significant part of your responsibility to the franchisor. You should ensure that you understand all the fees that you’ll pay. Check any profit-sharing points that are included in the contract. 

3. Can the target area support the business?

You must ensure that the franchise’s target area can support the franchise’s cost. For example, a lower-income area likely can’t support a higher-cost or luxury business. Knowing the customer base present in your target area can help you determine if a specific franchise can survive. 

Ensuring that you fully understand the franchise agreement is critical. It may behoove you to have someone review it to ensure there aren’t any surprises hidden in it. Be sure you don’t sign the contract until you’re entirely sure that you understand the terms and agree with them. Legal guidance is best to make certain that the contract is fair to all parties.



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