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Common crimes committed by college students

If you are a parent of a college student, you certainly may be concerned that they could get involved in criminal activity. You know that one mistake could lead to an arrest, they could be expelled from school, and this could derail all their plans – everything that they’ve been working for over the years.

It can help to understand what types of criminal activities college students engage in most often. If your student ever faces arrest or any type of accusation, then you can begin looking into your legal options, which may be different from one case to the next.

Breaking down the percentages

To see how these crimes take place, let’s look at how frequently they occur.:

  • Sex offenses: 44% of all of the crimes that happen on college campuses.
  • Burglaries: 32%.
  • Motor vehicle theft: 12%.
  • Aggravated assault: 7%.
  • Robberies: 2%.
  • Arson: 2%.

It’s also worth noting that alcohol use is one of the most common crimes committed on college campuses because the majority of college students are going to be under the age of 21. Even so, some reports claim that 80% of college students drink alcohol. Many of them are doing it underage, and they could also be arrested for related charges, such as supplying alcohol to a minor or driving under the influence.

What options do you have?

The above explores some of the potential crimes your child could be accused of. If this does happen, then it’s very important to focus on their future and think about all of your criminal defense options. No matter what charges your child is facing, there are steps that you can take.



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