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Do I need an ignition interlock device if I don’t own a car?

New Jersey increased the severity of its DUI laws, which means more penalties for impaired drivers. One of the harshest penalties for a DUI is an ignition interlock device – a breathalyzer that measures the blood alcohol level of a driver before starting the engine.

Under New Jersey law, a first-time offender can receive a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock with a BAC was over .08 percent, which can be complicated if you do not currently own or operate a vehicle.

Installation without car ownership

According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, there is a process for students or other drivers to install their ignition interlock device without car ownership. First, drivers need to obtain a non-driver ID by presenting six points of identification at any motor vehicle agency (MVA).

Then, you will have to provide a service invoice and a certification of interlock ignition device on any vehicle you might operate with the MVA. The vehicle does not have to belong to you – only be operated by you.

For example, you are a college student who got a DUI conviction. Now, you have to install an ignition interlock device. You might want to put it in your parents’ car if that is your main form of transportation, or you could install it in your roommate’s car if you typically use their vehicle.

The only requirement is to install the device on any vehicle you use – not only vehicles you own. A failure to install the ignition interlock device can result in an additional year of driving privilege suspension, so install the device efficiently.



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