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What to consider in a franchise exit strategy

Some entrepreneurs are eager to get started with buying into a business franchise. However, they might fail to consider how they can exit their franchise sometime down the road. Having an exit strategy is important for a business owner, and a franchise owner is no exception.

Establishing an exit strategy can help a business owner avoid possible pitfalls when it comes time to leave the franchise. Here is a look at some considerations that should be part of a franchise exit strategy.

How to sell the franchise

Franchisees have different priorities. Some plan to stay in business for a few years and then flip the franchise. Others want to operate for as long as their health or financial situation allows. Some franchisees envision passing their business on to a child who will take over as the owner. explains that is important to ask whether the franchisor has restrictions on who to sell the franchise to. It is possible a franchisor will not allow their franchisees to pass their operations to their children. Some franchisors will not allow certain parties to buy into the franchise. There are also franchisors that do not permit a franchisee to sell a business at all.

Whether the franchisor provides support

Entrepreneur explains that franchisors can help a franchisee with selling off a franchise location. A franchisor may offer assistance in marketing the location for sale. Some franchisors keep a list of local candidates who have an interest in owning a franchise. This should make it easier to find a buyer.

It is important to ask a franchisor if they offer assistance in selling a franchise among other factors relating to a franchise exit. This may make the transition to a new owner more efficient and potentially stop legal problems that could arise if the franchisee tries to sell the location in violation of franchisor standards.



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