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What can happen if I acquire too many license points?

Some traffic offenses like a DWI are very serious, and you know that it is important to contest them to keep your driver’s license and avoid other penalties. However, there are other traffic offenses like speeding that may not seem worth the effort to fight. Still, if you plead guilty to enough traffic violations over time, you might experience undesirable results like the suspension of your license.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission explains that for every traffic violation you are guilty of, you acquire points on your driver’s license. In time, these points may build up. You could face a number of problems as a result.

Sanctions for license points

The state of New Jersey levies a surcharge in the event you accumulate six or more points within a three-year period. You might also receive a surcharge simply because of the kind of offense you have committed. A failure to pay a surcharge could result in the state taking collection actions against you like garnishing your wages.

Things can get worse if you have 12 or more points on your record. At this point, the state will suspend your license. You will likely find out about the suspension through a mailed notice. You may have to pay a fine or go through remedial driving programs to restore your license.

Insurance rate increases

Acquiring points may cause your auto insurer to raise your rates on the grounds that you are a heightened driving risk. Even worse, your insurer might not restore your lower rates even if you have the state deduct some of your points through a remedial program. This may not be true of your insurer, so consider checking with your insurance carrier to see if they raise rates for traffic violations and at what thresholds.

Keeping points off your record

It is possible to remove points from your record by going through remedial driving programs or remaining free of driving violations or suspensions for a year. However, some of these programs have time considerations, so you may have to wait to use one or more of them. The possibility of getting points is why fighting a traffic offense may be beneficial if it results in an acquittal or dismissal of the charges.



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