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Is a New Jersey recovery court an option for you?

When you face a New Jersey drug charge, quite a lot hangs in the balance. Depending on the severity of the charge you are up against, you may wind up serving time in jail or prison, among other potential repercussions. However, if you meet certain eligibility terms, you may be able to enroll in one of New Jersey’s many recovery courts.

Per the New Jersey Courts, recovery courts have proven, positive effects when it comes to keeping participants from using drugs or reoffending while working their way through the program.

Determining eligibility for recovery court

Having certain offenses in your history may prevent you from being able to enroll in recovery court. If the charge you face is violent in nature, or if you already have a conviction for a criminal offense that involves violence, this typically makes you ineligible to participate in recovery court. To gain entry into recovery court, you must go through a legal review and have recovery court team members assess you and recommend you for the program.

Knowing what to expect in recovery court

If you get into recovery court in Passaic County or another county in New Jersey, expect to have to show up regularly and submit to random drug testing. You may also have to go through detoxication, if administrators consider it necessary, and attend intensive outpatient treatment during the program’s duration. You may also have to participate in individual, group or 12-step programs or support groups and comply with other sanctions as recommended by the court.

Research shows that if you do complete recovery court, you increase your odds of staying drug-free. You also reduce your chances of reentering the criminal justice system.



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