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How does New Jersey’s new disclosure laws affect homeowners?

In March earlier this year, New Jersey announced new disclosure laws that directly impact homeowners. Now, the state requires homeowners to disclose any flood and water damage when selling their homes. This change aims to protect buyers and ensure transparency in real estate transactions.

But what does this mean for you as a homeowner?

Sellers need to disclose flood and water damage

Planning to sell your home? Be prepared for additional responsibilities. You must now disclose any past flood or water damage your property experienced. This involves providing a detailed record of incidents, including dates, damage extent and other repairs.

Consider a scenario where your basement flooded during a heavy rainstorm last year. Documenting this incident, including the date of the flood, water depth and repair steps, is now a requirement.

What disclosure laws mean for homeowners

This disclosure requirement is not solely about honesty; it’s also about protecting your interests. By providing a detailed and truthful record of past flood or water damage, you prevent future complaints or legal claims about undisclosed damage from buyers.

Failing to disclose could lead to legal action

Ignoring these new disclosure laws could have serious consequences. Failure to disclose any flood or water damage when selling your home could result in legal action from the buyer.

Take, for example, not mentioning a leaky roof that caused water damage in a room. If the buyer discovers this after moving in, they could sue you for nondisclosure. This could result in you paying for repairs, legal fees and even damages.

Legal compliance

Complying with the new laws and providing all the necessary information upfront is crucial. Doing so helps protect yourself from scenarios where the endpoint is legal action against you. If a buyer, aware of the damage, decides to buy the property, the risk of future legal disputes is minimal. So, compliance is key.

To avoid potential problems, consider seeking the help of a legal professional. A legal professional can guide you through the disclosure process and help with other legal requirements in a home sale.



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